Cost Matters

Aug 16, 2018 | Joshua Opheim


A small fee difference compounded over time can add up to an astonishing amount of money.

Cost Matters

How much can costs add up to?

Most investors have no idea what they are paying in fees. In fact according to Credo Consulting Inc., 62% of Canadian investors believe they pay

All scenarios start with $500K and have an average return of 8% , but by paying less, it equates to much more money in your investment account.

zero for investment management. Often costs are not disclosed at all or are embedded (hidden), but we can tell you this, once all the embedded costs have been account for, you will likely be paying between 2-3% per year! This is 1.5 to 2% too high.

1.5 to 2% might not seem like a large number, but that number on your investments compounded over time, adds to a lot of money! How much money, just see the charts to the left and right. If Canadians all knew this impact, 100% would know they pay fees and they'd tell you exactly how much.


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