Planning Matters

Aug 16, 2018 | Joshua Opheim


Having a plan, updating that plan, and following that plan will not only leave you feeling more confident about your situation, but it will leave you with more money.

More Planning, More Money

How much value does a plan add?

Both scenarios start with $500K and have an average return of 6%, but by adding 1.75% in planning value, it equates to more money in your investment account.

From a study conducted by the Financial Planning Standards Council, only 32% of Canadian have any type of financial plan, limited or comprehensive. Yet Canadians who engage in comprehensive financial planning report significantly higher levels of financial and emotional well-being than those who do no planning or limited planning.  Further to this piece of mind, it has been found that having a plan that is followed and updated by an advisor can add 1-2.5% to your rate of return annually.

Having a plan matters!  While 1-2.5% may not seem like much, that compounded over time adds up to a lot of money!  And what's even better, unlike the markets, having and following a plan can be controlled. 

As they say, failing to plan is planning to fail.  Contact us today to help you create a complimentary plan.


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