Our Approach

Welcome to Opheim Wealth Management, your trusted Saskatchewan-based wealth management team within the award-winning financial institution, RBC Dominion Securities. We bring to you a unique approach to wealth management, offering comprehensive integrated planning, investment management, family engagement, and wealth administration designed to meet your financial goals.

Under the leadership of Josh Opheim, our team of certified advisors extends its expertise beyond traditional asset management. We focus on strategic growth of your assets, coupled with a strong emphasis on financial education. Our initiatives, such as the family financial literacy program, equip both individuals and families with the knowledge needed to make sound financial decisions. We also ensure comprehensive wealth administration for future-structured security of your assets.

Our investment strategy is unique, leveraging the expertise of institutional managers for exclusive opportunities. This depth of market insight, combined with rigorous investment strategies, allows us to curate a blend of investments attuned to your financial goals and risk tolerance. Our diversified approach, transparency, and focus on client education help you understand the 'why' behind our investment decisions, offering insight into strategies, market trends, and opportunities.

Moreover, we work in close association with our RBC partners and your trusted advisors, such as lawyers and accountants, creating an integrated financial experience. This inclusive approach enhances conversations about your situation, helping us strategize effectively to enhance your financial standing.

At Opheim Wealth Management, we don't just manage - we strategically grow your wealth. Trust us to deliver a personalized service that exceeds conventional asset management. Experience the difference with us today.


Is Opheim Wealth Management Group Right For You and Your Family?

The decision to engage our group is an important and personal one, especially since it will be a long-term relationship. Our questionnaire below can help you make a thoughtful, objective assessment of you and your family's needs and goals.



A Skilled & Diverse Team

The Opheim Wealth Management team has a broad range of backgrounds and experience, which gives us the depth and specialized skills to deal with the complexities of individual and family financial needs.