Beneficial relationships with clients based on mutual trust and shared goals. Everyone deserves to understand economics and finance, regardless of their background. Clients enjoy peace of mind when they are educated about the wealth management process and take an active role in creating their investment portfolio.

Skills, expertise, and investment experience that is put to work for clients. Jonathan has well over a decade of investment experience, most of which he spent co-managing investment funds with over $1bn in assets. Jonathan holds a BA in Economics and International Relations from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem and has earned the highest distinction in the investment management profession, the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) charter, in 2012.

Jonathan’s investment process focuses on building fortified portfolios comprised of assets that grow in a diverse set of market environments. A number of principals differentiate him from his peers:

  • Understanding the lessons of history is more important than knowing what the next disruptive innovation will be. Although new technologies change industries over time, other factors, such as human nature, geopolitics and the forces that drive capital and economic cycles remain constant. Focusing on the latter is more important for investors looking to grow their capital at a reasonable risk-adjusted rate over the long term.
  • Follow the money. Then run in the opposite direction! Financial media looking to attract advertising dollars benefit immensely from promoting popular companies, products or industries. Unfortunately, most investors buying into the most popular companies or innovations often find themselves left with permanent capital losses when the excitement ultimately fades. Jonathan ensures that his clients understand why superior investment returns are often found in well-established industries that are unpopular or simply ignored.

Jonathan is married to Tamar and is the proud father of Melody (10) and Leonard (8). He recently moved from Toronto to Lac Beauport, Quebec, where he enjoys open lake swimming, trail running, mountain-biking and skiing.

His personal goals for 2024 are to complete his first triathlon and conduct business in fluent French.

Reach out directly to Jonathan to learn more about how he can protect your wealth and help you achieve your long term financial goals.

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