Jon Lambe

Portfolio Manager & Investment Advisor


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Strategic, Disciplined & Personal Advice for your Wealth

Jon Lambe and the Lambe Advisory Group work with families, corporations and trusts looking for a disciplined and conservative approach to growing, protecting and transitioning wealth. 

Specifically, a conversation with Jon may be valuable if you are:

  • Approaching retirement or in early retirement:   Our keen interest in planning after tax cash flows and optimizing tax efficiency is valuable through all stages of life but is particularly suited to managing wealth through the pre-retirement and early retirement phases. 
  • In a situation with a corporation or a trust:  We love to get into the weeds to develop an understanding of the sometimes more involved situations that may surround trusts and operating, holding, or professional corporations.  We are particularly skilled at coordinating with your other professionals to understand complexity and deliver simplicity.  
  • In a cross border situation:  Jon's personal situation as a dual Canadian & US citizen and specific experience serving expatriate and cross border clients has made us a real resource in guiding cross-border issues on behalf of Canadian investors with ties to the USA and other countries.

Our investment philosophy is based on the principles of being strategic to your situation, disciplined in our approach and personally engaged and aligned with those we represent.

  • Strategic focus: To avoid investing without a goal we engage each of our clients in a comprehensive financial review. The review will answer questions about the required return, the specific tax situation for each account and the level of risk that you are comfortable with.
  • Disciplined execution: In a world dominated by social media and entertainment news, a disciplined and quantitative approach to investing has never been more relevant. The disciplined investor recognizes that, contrary to the mood of the day, there is actually far more risk of loss when the mood is jubilant and often far less risk when the mood is gloomy. At Lambe Advisory, our disciplined and process orientated approach will guide you through all the noise and allow us to invest and divest with purpose and confidence.
  • Personal engagement:  Since all of our relationships are built on the same foundation of personal and professional trust, we have been able to quickly develop relationships with each one of our clients. Our personalized approach means that whenever we recommend a change, the recommendation is designed to specifically suit your unique requirements and appetite for risk.

If you would like to find out more or would like to schedule a meeting to investigate your situation together call Jon directly at 403-299-5261or email