In Front of the Wave of Change

I witnessed first-hand the impact of climate change on the rivers I raced and the communities I visited. This is why I have become a leader in responsible and impact investing in Canada.

Responsible investing is broad in nature. Whether it’s as simple as reducing the risk in your portfolio by implementing an ESG screen, or implementing a full-blown impact investment portfolio to maximize your social and environmental impact, our platforms, research and approach will help you align your financial objectives with your values.

Normally sought after by mission-driven organizations (e.g. Foundations, non-profits, religious groups, etc.), responsible investing has become mainstream as more and more individuals see its many benefits. Whether you are a private client or a large institution, we have the ability to help you implement the most appropriate responsible investment strategy into your portfolio and financial plan.

Responsible Investing Spectrum

Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG):

With this approach, we remove companies with significant environmental, social, and governance risk attributes. The objective is to reduce those risks not necessarily reflected in a companies financial statements or annual reports.

Value/Mission Alignment:

With this approach, we remove those companies or industries that are not aligned with your values, or mission.

Impact Investing:

With this approach, we identify companies that are generating both a financial and environmental and social return.

Contact me today to learn about our process and the benefits of responsible investing, as well as how you can implement a responsible investment strategy into your financial plan.