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At RBC we have been celebrating both professional and amateur athletes for years, it's in our DNA. Whether you are a professional or an amateur athlete, my team and I will introduce strategies so you can build your wealth during your peak earning years, and then help you properly utilize it as you either shift into retirement, or start your next career. 

As someone who lived the athlete life, I understand the importance of focusing on your sport. It's what you do, it's what you love, and it's how you support yourself and your family. I also understand how important it is to establish strategies and plans to ensure you are prepared for your transition from sport.  

For professional athletes, given the size of contracts, it is very possible for you to create a family legacy and intergenerational wealth effect. Given the vast resources we have at RBC, we will introduce you to our partners to help finance your future business ventures, and establish your philanthropic initiatives. We will help you create a family office and ensure your financial objectives continue to be met.

Services Offered:

RBC has established a team of professional advisors who have a deep understanding of your unique needs. We are proficient in developping thoughtful strategies that include cash flow management, cross-border tax solutions, investment management, estate and retirement planning. Most importantly, we understand the demands of your schedule and have great flexibility to meet you when and where appropriate. Always know that you and your family will benefit from a personal, one-on-one relationship with a seasoned professional who will take care of all the details and keep you well-informed.

The Importance of Preparation

Once upon a time, I was a pretty good kayaker. Leading up to the 2012 London Olympics I was the best kayaker in Canada and top-12 in the World. My goal of Olympic excellence was going according to plan until I got beat by 0.11 seconds at the 2012 Canadian Olympic Trials. In a blink of an eye, my career ended. Fortunately, I was prepared financially to transition to the next phase of my life. If you are an athlete, my story is not uncommon.

Sport can be both elating and devastating; you never know what may happen and you and your family need to be prepared no matter the circumstance.I have been working with both professional and amateur athletes since I started working as an investment advisor at RBC Dominion Securities. With my team of experts and partners across the bank, we will help introduce strategies to build, protect and preserve your wealth and ensure you are able to focus all of your energy on being the best athlete possible and be able to achieve your financial objectives.





Amateur Athletes Trust - If you are a Canadian athlete competing on the national/Olympic team collecting endorsement fees, speaking fees and prize winnings, an AAT maybe something you want to consider. Through a financial plan, we can help you understand it's merits, compare it to incorporation, and learn if it's appropriate to you. 

Retirement Compensation Agreements (RCAs) - Although Canadian athletes may incur Canadian income taxes as high as 54%, proper tax planning (through the use of an RCA) for athletes who retire outside Canada and play on a Canadian National Hockey League (NHL) or National Basketball Association (NBA) team may considerably reduce their overall tax rate.