Helping organizations prosper, and communities thrive

Your work, concerns, and needs are like no other. If you have significant assets to manage on behalf of others, we will work with you to build a plan that reflects your unique needs. Every investment plan is established to fulfill your organization's unique requirement. mission. We combine our industry leading investment platform, market wisdom, technological savvy, personalized planning, structured advice, and specialized not-for-profit banking partners to help you achieve your specific goals and solve any problems you may have.

We believe that successful long-term investing involves the use of a straightforward, uncomplicated approach. We believe long-term performance is important, but we also recognize your need to manage risk within the context of meeting your goals, objectives and future spending needs. Thus we create portfolios that are easy for you to understand, operationally efficient, low-cost, transparent and liquid.

We work with not-for-profit clients in a number of ways:

  • Establishing investment policy

  • Create an investment strategy

  • Monitoring and reporting the results

  • Diversifying portfolio assets according to the specific risk/return objectives of the participants and beneficiaries

  • Implement responsible investing strategies


Not all returns are financial - help your organization maximize your intended social and environmental impact 

Contact us today to learn more about how we build reserve funds to meet your long-term needs and the values that are important to you and your organization. Our industry leading investment platforms, and responsible investing capabilities will help your organization balance your financial and environmental/social objectives. Learn how we can align your reserve fund, endowment fund, or investment fund with your values through Responsible Investing


Dedicated partners in the Not-for-profit space

RBC has a dedicated team of Not-for-profit commercial and business bankers. Together, we have helped a number of different clients drive efficiencies in their operations with our online solutions, make better use of their cash through cash management solutions, and align their mission with those funds endowed or invested in a reserve fund. Contact us today to learn how a specialized team will help you. 


Building the right Investment Policy Statement (IPS)

The CFA Institute is the gold standard when it comes to investment management. This document is great framework as you and your organization look to create, or review, your investment policy statement.

Specialized Advanced Analytics to help your fundraising efforts


Data analysis technology continues to advance and redefine the boundaries of donor base development. Learn how our analytics team can help your organizations with your fundraising efforts.