Investing for a Large Organization?

Your concerns and needs are like no other. If you have significant assets to manage on behalf of others, my team and I will work with you to build a plan that reflects your unique needs. Whether it's helping you build and implement a cash management strategy, or aligning your reserve fund or investment portfolio with your mission, my team and I have the expertise to help your organization achieve your financial objectives.

Invest according to your organization's values to maximize your impact 

Contact me today to learn more about building a plan that reflects your long-term needs and the values that are important to you and your organization. My team and I will create an investment strategy to meet your organization's goals, documented within a customized Investment Policy Statement. Learn how we can align your reserve fund, endowment fund, or investment fund with your values through Responsible Investing


Take Advantage of Unique Opportunities

You're responsible for complex portfolios. We can help you to a number of sophisticated solution and advice for yourself, your organization or your clients. No matter how complex your needs, we have customized solutions to suit you. With my partners in the RBC Non-Profit Organization group, we can also look at ways to streamline your operations and ensure your time is spent on that work that will help your community thrive and prosper.


Contact us today for a consultation.