Customized Solutions Designed for you

You have worked hard to earn your money. My Team and I will work just as hard to earn a solid return in good markets, while preserving your capital in difficult ones.

Leveraging my team of portfolio strategists, equity and fixed income analysts, and investment product specialists, you will receive an investment portfolio and strategy that is aligned with your specific risks and objectives. Further, your portfolio will be regularly monitored and reviewed to ensure that it is best structured (asset allocation and style) to meet the ever-changing investment climate.

Learn how the investment management process is part of the overall wealth management strategy.

Achieve a custom-designed portfolio with the RBC Dominion Securities Portfolio Approach

For more than 115 years, RBC Dominion Securities has helped its clients achieve their financial goals by employing a disciplined process to investing known as the Portfolio Approach.The basis of long-term, successful money management, the Portfolio Approach is predicated around creating a customized investment portfolio that reflects your investment needs throughout the various stages of your life.

There are four steps to the custom Portfolio Approach:
Step 1 : Understanding your needs and goals - What are you objectives and constraints?
Step 2 : Creating your investment strategy - Creating an Investment Policy Statement
Step 3 : Building your custom-designed portfolio - One designed for growth, income, capital preservation, etc.
Step 4 : Managing your portfolio - Report, Review, Adapt