Improving communities through sport

Sport unites communities. Sport teaches our young men and women the importance of hard work, character and perseverance and teaches life lessons and leadership skills to drive positive change. From grassroots to the Olympics, Ros and I celebrate all those who participate and their accomplishments. At present, I sit on the board of the Canadian Athletes Now Fund (CANFund) and am involved in the Canadian Olympic Committee’s Game Plan program helping to support our young Canadian Olympians and aspiring Olympians in their various pursuits. I am also a member of the Canoe Slalom High Performance committee at Canoe Kayak Canada.

Advancing responsible investing

I witnessed first-hand the impact of climate change on the rivers I raced and the communities I visited. This is why I have become a leader in responsible and impact investing in Canada.

Responsible investing is broad in nature. Whether it’s as simple as reducing the risk in your portfolio by implementing an ESG screen, or implementing a full-blown impact investment portfolio to maximize your social and environmental impact, our platforms, research and approach will help you align your financial objectives with your values.

Normally sought after by mission-driven organizations (e.g. Foundations, non-profits, religious groups, etc.), responsible investing has become mainstream as more and more individuals see its many benefits. Whether you are a private client or a large institution, we have the ability to help you implement the most appropriate responsible investment strategy into your portfolio and financial plan.

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