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"Significant uplift in performance...with an almost recession-proof portfolio."
 I stayed with John when he moved from his previous institution to RBC because I liked his high quality of service. John has given me a significant uplift in performance from my previous broker, reduced my costs and provided me with an almost recession-proof portfolio.

I've recommended John to my family and neighbours because he cares about peoples individual needs. He's built successful portfolios for everyone I've referred, based on their concerns, needs and where they are in life. 

John has a very calm approach and clearly explains whats happening in the market. I also appreciate his Performance Reports, as they touch on many of the issues I think about over the quarter. 

I value our relationship and appreciate the financial peace of mind that John has brought me. 
-- Client since 2004, North Toronto, name witheld to protect client confidentiality
"A man of integrity."
 Some of my close friends had invested their savings with John, and their portfolios were doing well. Based on their results, I switched firms to go with John.

 I've been very satisfied with Johns services and am glad I changed from my previous broker. My overall portfolio has improved despite the recession. I also appreciate the quarterly Performance Reports John sends me. He puts lots of effort into developing them so he can provide his clients with an even higher level of service.

I'd recommend John to anyone who is dissatisfied with the performance of their portfolio or has invested unwisely. John is a man of integrity, honest and very knowledgeable in his field.

-- Client since 2009, Caledon, name witheld to protect client confidentiality



"Kind and patient."
John transitioned me from a very active portfolio to one that generates more security and income. I recovered beautifully after the tech crash, and John has continued to provide studied and steady guidance. He is kind, patient and helps me achieve my financial goals. 
-- Client since 2004, Central Toronto, name withheld to protect client confidentiality
"They took the time to understand my goals."

I started seeing John because my pension was underperforming and I needed my RSPs to do better.  My partner was one of Johns clients and recommended him. John and his team are very caring and excel at building rapport. They took the time to understand my goals and created a plan to help me get there as safely as possible.

Other financial planners seem to use a set program (e.g. you're X years old, so you must have X% invested in stocks). However, John was more intuitive and quickly sensed my level of risk tolerance - which made me comfortable.

I've been with John for over a year, and my portfolio has been performing well. He also keeps me informed through quarterly Performance Reports, which are very well-written and insightful. I'd recommend John to anyone who wants their portfolio to perform better and needs an investment advisor who will look out for them.
-- Client since 2009, North Toronto, name witheld to protect client confidentiality


"I have been in the financial business for over 30 years and have come into contact with literally thousands of investment advisors...a lot of those advisors end up losing their client's capital.  I recommend John to my clients because he is honest, knowledgeable and delivers results."
 I've been in the financial business for over 30 years and have come into contact with literally thousands of investment advisors. Most lack a specific investment plan as to asset allocation and overall investment strategy. Plus, many of them are not accountable in reporting on overall returns against benchmarked indices. A lot of those advisors end up losing their clients capital. 
When I met John, I was struck by his honesty and professionalism. He always has a well thought out plan for his clients portfolios and doesn't overpromise. I recommend John to any of my clients who are uncertain whether they're on the right track with their financial and retirement planning. He's honest, knowledgeable and delivers results. 
  -- Steve Sims, Chartered Accountant with 12 employees, referred clients since 1998, North Toronto
"Knowledgeable and Proactive."
 John has referred clients who need legal assistance pertaining to estate planning. What impresses me about John is his attention to his clients needs and his ability to develop strategies to help them reach their goals. He always has an in-depth understanding of his clients affairs which helps me to cover all the bases when I work with them on estate planning.  
I'd recommend John to anyone who wants a proactive investment advisor who will look after them. He's knowledgeable about investment and estate planning. He also goes out of his way to add value and provide his clients with helpful insights.
-- Elena Hoffstein, Partner, Faskin Martineau
Specializing in tax and estate planning, family business succession planning, wills and trusts, and charities and not for profit law.
Ranked by Lexpert as one of the most frequently recommended Toronto private client and charity law practitioners and as one of the top 500 lawyers in Canada.


"Far superior to anyone we've used in the past."
 My wife and I felt that our retirement plans were underperforming and not being looked after by our previous brokers. We wanted someone who would pay more attention, provide us with knowledgeable and timely information and above all, demonstrate trustworthiness. Our accountant referred us to John, and he has been our financial advisor for the past 7 years.

We feel John is far superior to anyone we've used in the past. He is committed to ensuring that any actions taken with our portfolio are relevant to our circumstances and in our best interests. Our portfolio has performed and is performing very well.

Recently, John has facilitated a process that enables us to benefit from the services of a financial planner and estate planner. We worked with these expert resources and now have plans in place which have given us a much broader sense of our financial well-being. This process has been at no additional cost to us.

John is honest, sharp and knows what hes doing. I'd recommend him to anyone who wants to ensure their financial well-being is the top priority of their financial adviser. 
-- Clients since 2004, Oakville, name withheld to protect client confidentiality


"Excellent results !"

I was self-managing my portfolio and needed some intelligence on how to make it perform better. I met John through my professional circles and trusted that he could provide me with sound advice on my investments.

John has given me excellent results, and I'd recommend him to anyone with a significant portfolio that they don't want to put at risk. He's very careful with my investments and considerate of my needs. However, he's not afraid to stand by his recommendations when he knows they will benefit me.

-- Clients since 2001, Central Toronto, name withheld to protect client confidentiality
"Brings us peace of mind."

 My husband and I weren't receiving solid advice from our previous broker. We spoke with John and appreciated his balanced outlook. After we switched to John, we couldn't believe the difference in service from our prior investment firms. John is wise, efficient, caring and always willing to listen. He also promptly returns our phone calls.

John has guided our investments through difficult times and produced substantial returns. We'd recommend him to anyone who has a reasonable portfolio and is looking for advice on how to make it perform better. John is level-headed and has excellent judgement. He brings us peace of mind.
 -- Clients since 2002, Etobicoke, names withheld to protect client confidentiality
"A good communicator."
 John took over my portfolio when my previous investment advisor retired,  I stayed with John because I appreciated his conservative approach to the market. He has helped me develop an investment strategy that matches my level of risk tolerance and achieves a solid return.
I'd recommend John to anyone who has a considerable amount to invest and wants a careful and attentive investment advisor. He's a good communicator and develops investment strategies that help his clients achieve their long-term goals.  
 -- Clients since 2004, Toronto, names witheld to protect client confidentiality


"John is very honest...he's the only guy I know that doesn't cheat on the golf course !"

I had my portfolio with another private broker and was unhappy with my returns. I had heard about John through word-of-mouth and was hoping he would help me improve my portfolio so I could retire sooner. Thanks to John, I have made wonderful gains in my investments. They've doubled since we've started doing business together.

I'd recommend John to anyone who wants their finances to grow. He's knowledgeable, approachable and gets results. John is also very honest even when he plays golf.  He's the only guy I know who doesn't cheat on the golf course !!!

-- David Jacobi, John's father-in-law, regular golf partner, client since 2005, lives in Waterloo...and is an expert with a "foot wedge"!