What do you need your money to do?

Its a straight forward simple question that's likely the most important of all when it comes to determining what one should do with their hard earned accumulated wealth. When it comes to wealth management and financial planning, there are all sorts of things that influence our decisions.
John Davies, CFP, CIM and his Associate Advisor, Erin Hooper, FCSI follow a disciplined approach in assisting their clients through the ebbs and flows of life. Whether it's helping your children take their first steps in long term investing or reviewing the Wills and plans on transitioning wealth, John's 30 years of experience in crafting strategies provide a solid platform from which to build. He has a personal approach yet has the luxury of drawing on the vast resources of RBC and its affiliates.
John has learned over the years that due to the complexities of our lives, it takes time to develop meaningful and well thought out plans. You'll find him honest, diligent and caring.
Ultimately, the three core areas of ones plan are addressed with precision and synergy. Investment management, estate and personal tax planning are John and Erin's areas of highest efficiency.
Feel free to contact John or Erin for a free initial consultation.