Consolidating assets for a secure, successful retirement

Jean-Pierre and Sharon are ready for the next step of their wealth journey – retirement. Find out how consolidating their assets and a custom financial plan helped this family feel secure and excited about their new life.

Protection Mandate: Not to be forgotten

Over the past few weeks and months, we have been hearing a lot about deaths and estates. However, we must not forget a major aspect of our personal financial planning: the protection mandate.

Who will take care of your personal needs, your medical care, your food, your clothing? Who will pay your bills, prepare and file your income tax returns, and manage your property and investments? It is important to carefully consider these aspects and to have the right people in the role of Mandatary for Property and Person.

In addition, we remind you that if you are currently acting as an agent for your parents or a loved one, it is possible to appoint the Royal Trust as Agent to the Mandatary for Property and thus free yourself from financial tasks (which can often cause a lot of tension in a family) and  focus your energy on the more human and demanding tasks of the Mandatary for Person. 

Click here to access a description of the services from our partners at Royal Trust, as well as a summary of the range of tasks associated with the role of Mandatary for Property.


More time at home, more time for Estate planning...?

As we speak to clients these past few months during the stay at home period we find more and more are finding unique ways to pass the time: online bridge, cleaning out garages, organizing bookshelves, learning to cook…there have been a variety of tasks that had been put away to do one day in the future and that future is now.

One task that you may also have put aside to deal with “in the future” may have been your estate planning. Having an up to date Will, an updated Protective Mandate and Power of Attorney are all documents best prepared when you have the time to concentrate on these important issues. Perhaps that time has come for you?

Our partners at Royal trust can assist in this endeavor should you need a corporate liquidator for your Will, an agent for liquidator (where they will assist a liquidator with most of the paperwork) or a mandatory for property (financial assets, bill paying, taxes, etc) in the case of protective mandates and Powers of Attorneys. The attached article answer some of these related questions that you may have on all of these topics.

If you would lie an introduction to one of our partners at Royal Trust please give Mauricio or I a call and we would be pleased to help you get the ball rolling. There is no time like the present!

Click here for the full article from the Royal Trust.

John Archer

Webinar: Wealth Management in Volatile Times

For individuals, families and business owners, this webinar event will explore planning opportunities that may be helpful during periods of change and volatility.

During this session, two of our leading specialists will discuss a selection of relevant and timely tax, estate and financial planning topics, and walk through specific strategies that may be effective in managing overall financial well-being, now and for the long-term.

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Retirement Checklist

Retirement Checklist

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Wealth Transfer Report

Wealth Transfer Report

It's estimated that within a generation, US$4 trillion will be passed down to inheritors in Canada, the United Kingdom and the United States. Yet wealth rarely endures long enough to create a legacy that lasts for multiple generations.

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