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Coffee with John: Welcome to the Reford Gardens/Les Jardins de Métis

In this edition of “Coffee with John” John speaks with Alexander Reford of The Reford Gardens, a collection of award-winning gardens, festivals and art exhibits located in Grand-Métis (near Rimouski, Quebec). The Lower Saint Lawrence region makes for a great summer destination and within driving distance


Coffee with John: Introducing Mauricio Bonaguro

Given we are likely to continue being housebound for the coming months, we thought that we might introduce an occasional broadcast where we get to know some of the people and topics connected to our business and otherwise. Upcoming segments may include interviews with some of our team from wealth management, some of our friends in the philanthropic world and perhaps a surprise guest or topic or both!


Tax planning strategies for high-income earners

Depending on your province of residence, you may be subject to tax at a rate of 50% or higher when your income exceeds a set amount.

Discover several strategies that make for a tax-smart wealth plan.