The freedom to live the life you want

If you desire greater freedom to focus on what’s really important to you, and the confidence of knowing that your portfolio is in the care of trusted professionals, we invite you to consider Private Investment Management, our premium level of discretionary wealth management. 

Busy professionals and executives, travelers, retirees and snowbirds often find that the greater their wealth, the more time they require every day to manage it. If you are responsible for investing for a not-for-profit organization, foundation or endowment, you may also find that the expertise required to make investment decisions according to specific guidelines can be time-consuming and complex. 

Whether you need your time to focus on your career, manage the needs of an organization or travel outside of the country for long periods, Private Investment Management may be the right solution for you.

How it works

By delegating your investment management to an accredited portfolio manager, who works within your specific investment preferences, constraints and risk tolerance, you can free yourself from and still be confident that your investment plan is on track. Because your approval is not required for every single transaction, we can make time-sensitive decisions quickly, helping you get closer to your investment objectives and freeing you from the burden of daily portfolio decisions. 

A dedicated portfolio manager to serve you 

You can be confident in the management of your wealth, because only experienced investment advisors who have met strict industry-wide qualifications for education, assets under management and investment experience are licensed to provide this level of discretionary investment management. 

Investment policy statements capture your needs

The Investment Policy Statement is your specific mandate that details all your objectives, goals and constraints in managing your portfolio. You can think of it as the charter or master plan that we create to manage your portfolio.

Essential standards for quality and oversight

Every portfolio we build is based on core asset quality requirements that set the standards for security concentration, industry and sector diversification, market capitalization and credit quality. An additional Portfolio Implementation and Risk Monitoring Group monitors the portfolio for alignment with our investment management guidelines and the preferences, constraints and other unique directives set out in your customized Investment Policy Statement. An additional compliance team ensures that your portfolio meets industry regulations and legal standards. By auditing our work, as well as the portfolios we manage, this team can help provide you with even greater peace of mind.

Discretionary investment management ensures that your portfolio will be managed according to the highest standards and robust investment management guidelines, allowing you the freedom from the day-to-day details of managing your wealth.

Our disciplined six-step process

To take advantage of investment opportunities quickly and efficiently and balance your desire for freedom with your expectation for excellence, we follow a disciplined six step process:

1. Creating your investment policy statement
We work with you to develop an investment policy statement, a written document that takes into account your unique needs, investing time horizon, tolerance for risk and more.
2. Building your portfolio
Based on your ideal asset-allocation model, we will select an appropriate combination of investments for your portfolio. Virtually every type of investment is available to meet your needs.

3. Managing your portfolio
We will make day-to-day investment decisions on your behalf to respond to and anticipate the changing market and economic landscape within the guidelines established in your investment policy statement.

4. Third-party review and monitoring
An independent risk management group reviews your portfolio on a quarterly basis to ensure it meets the high standards set out in your investment policy statement.
5. Adjusting your investment strategy
We will also meet with you on a regular basis to review your portfolio and get an update on your personal and financial situation.

6. Keeping you informed of your progress
You will receive a monthly account statement that details the activity in your portfolio and provides the current market value of all your positions.