Charitable giving and foundations

The Giving Question

Canadians are known throughout the world for their generosity and benevolence. With recent studies indicating a growing interest in philanthropy, clients have been asking me about different ways to give back to their communities. Traditional avenues include establishing a private foundation or an endowment fund. While these are certainly worth keeping in mind, many involve significant set-up costs and considerable administration.

Fortunately, RBC Dominion Securities has introduced a convenient alternative.

The Charitable Gift Program is specifically designed for individuals and families who wish to support charitable causes without the costs associated with establishing a private foundation. Through this innovative program, you can make initial and ongoing contributions to a charitable gift program administered by the Charitable Gift Funds Canada Foundation (CGFCF); one of Canada’s leading independent charitable foundations.

As the principal donor of your charitable gift fund, you may recommend grants to the charitable organization of your choice. I would continue to work with you to develop an investment strategy for your gift contributions. Furthermore, you will receive official charitable donation receipts for the full market value of your contributions.

A charitable gift fund is designed to create a lasting family legacy. Like a private foundation, you can give your fund a unique family name.

It is extremely satisfying to be part of a team that enables you to support charitable causes you care about. Whether your wish is to fund health-care improvements or encourage artistic development, I can assist you in making a real difference for deserving people and organizations.

Investor Materials:

Charitable Giving Brochure