Investor Bias and the upcoming US Presidential Election

October 28, 2020 |Jeremy Goldfarb
During some reading this morning I stumbled upon material relating to an overview of Investor Bias, and it got me thinking about the conversations I have had with clients recently regarding the upcoming presidential election. There are many examples of...
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Endless Spending of your money

May 12, 2020 |Jeremy Goldfarb
Another day, another acronym, another monster spending program. Well….this one isn’t so much a spending program as it is a lending program, but what’s the difference these days. Allow me to introduce you to LEEFF or the “Large Employer Emergency Financing...
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A must read: Time vs Timing

April 04, 2019 |Jeremy Goldfarb
The question as to whether one should try to time the market for tops and bottoms when putting new money to work is something that advisors and investors wrestle with constantly. Whether you are a do it yourself investor, or you have guidance, this has...
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RBC Global Wealth Management: Flagship publication

November 28, 2018 |Jeremy Goldfarb
Nothing fancy. Just the best collection of thoughts around the markets and economy this side of the 49th. Click here for the RBC Wealth Management Global insight 2019 Outlook. If you are going read anything this holiday season, you might want to read...
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