Post recession comebacks

November 27, 2020 |Jeremy Goldfarb
RBC's portfolio advisory group was out with an interesting take on post-recession market behavior this afternoon. It was not on my "blogdar" (ok, I made that one up), but it was really too good to pass up, so here it is. The market drop earlier this year...
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Bidens potential tax changes and how it may affect Canadians

November 20, 2020 |Jeremy Goldfarb
Admittedly, the attached PDF could be considered a "big" article. Not so much in terms of its total size, but more in terms of its content. I would strongly suggest that anyone with US exposure of any sort heed some of the advice here and speak with your...
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Forget herd immunity. What about herd mentality?

November 17, 2020 |Jeremy Goldfarb
On the news of a potential vaccine from Pfizer last week, the stock markets went a little bit bananas at the open. There was the added element of clarity on the US election from to boot, however the main thrust was the vaccine. The following week (yesterday)...
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Final words: November Third, two thousand and twenty

November 03, 2020 |Jeremy Goldfarb
Some final commentary on the eve of America's Presidential election. Love it, or hate it, our southern neighbors are one of the biggest straws stirring the global economic drink, so tomorrow means something to any investor. In the midst of a global pandemic...
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