Investor Bias and the upcoming US Presidential Election

October 28, 2020 |Jeremy Goldfarb
During some reading this morning I stumbled upon material relating to an overview of Investor Bias, and it got me thinking about the conversations I have had with clients recently regarding the upcoming presidential election. There are many examples of...
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Whatever you say Mr. President.......

October 23, 2020 |Jeremy Goldfarb
From the investment desk We are not here to argue politics, we are here to manage wealth. In the lead up to the 2020 US Presidential election, we will continue to focus on the election/investment theme, and when it's's over. (perhaps sometime...
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Tuesday November 3rd 2020

October 20, 2020 |Jeremy Goldfarb
With only 2 weeks separating the US population from its upcoming presidential election, there is still plenty to talk about. Whatever your personal politics, the eve of November 3rd is likely to offer spectacle for the ages, so grab your popcorn. As investors...
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History can rhyme. What about this time?

October 08, 2020 |Jeremy Goldfarb
I have been fielding quite a few questions about what the market is going to do headed into the upcoming US Presidential election, and while I don't have a crystal ball, I can share with you some thoughts. Most have heard the expression that history may...
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Texas is the same size as Canada!!

October 06, 2020 |Jeremy Goldfarb
No, it's least geographically it isn't. What about in terms of output though? You have seen me talk about home bias in previous posts (click here if you want a refresh), but what am I really saying when I talk about that. An interesting tweet...
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