Hunting for Value

September 24, 2019 |Jeremy Goldfarb
Contrary to popular belief, when markets are testing high water marks, that is an opportunity for investors to watch closely for a buying opportunity. A technical argument that we can discuss some other time. I was reviewing some numbers recently and...
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Younger vs older: where do you fit

September 11, 2019 |Jeremy Goldfarb
I think that this story represents a great opportunity to sit down with your older kids and start the investment discussion. Did you know that by 2030, Baby Boomers will be overtaken as the majority of the wealth holders? (sorry folks, but it couldn't...
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Bahamas and the Hurricane

September 09, 2019 |Jeremy Goldfarb
As many of you know, I hold the Bahamas (specifically those beautiful oases known as the "Outer Islands) very closely to my heart. My family and I have been vacationing there in both summer and winter for the past 17+ years. I was there as recently as...
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Treading Water

September 03, 2019 |Jeremy Goldfarb
As we roll over into the month of September, I can't help but be reminded of the roller coaster that was about to start in the markets almost exactly 12 months ago. Funny thing is, I have had several conversations regarding how "investible" this market...
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