$220million that you can't have

Jan 13, 2021 | Jeremy Goldfarb


What if you had $220,000,000 that was all yours, but you couldn't get access to it? What would you do? 


Well, a San Francisco based programmer is faced with this nightmare right now. To make matters worse, he has 2 chances left to gain access to his money until it is locked away forever!!! 


In this story (click this link) you'll find out all of the frightening details, but I also found it astounding that approximately 20% ($140,000,000,000) of bitcoin have been lost or abandoned in digital wallets.  


A few years ago, we hosted an eduction session for clients that looked specifically at crypto currency and blockchain. While the underlying theme was the technology known as blockchain, I think I can safely assume that most of the attendee interest was on the crypto currency side of the discussion. Should I own Bitcoin, Etherium, is Libra really a thing?? With Bitcoin's rise to $30K recently the questions are coming in once again, and part of me wonders whether we should put another session together........Let us know.