Hydrogen: a good read

Dec 15, 2020 | Jeremy Goldfarb


I came across this report late last week, and it caught my eye. The volume of information that passes across this desk in substantial, and while most of it I would consider for industry consumers only, I felt different about this one. The subject of Hydrogen as a sub for fossil fuels in the future is not a new idea, nor is the technology itself. Like most renewables however, there are barriers to wide-spread usage, many of them cost oriented. Incumbent sources simply have better math, and more understood process around them. That doesn't mean however that things will remain the same. There will come a day when coal no longer burns.....


With that said, I though this paper was an excellent synopsis on the state of Hydrogen as an energy sub. If you never read anything about it before, you could start right here and catch up to where we are today, at least from a lay-person standpoint. if we are looking at things through the lens of an investor, the next step would be to investigate it further to determine what aspect of it you may find "investible". I'll be following up this article with more so stay posted. In the meantime......have a read. 


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