Off the page: Burial options have changed....really changed

Jan 15, 2020 | Jeremy Goldfarb


Blasted into space? Cryogenically frozen? Mummification? on.......


There are no limits to the creativity of the human mind. As we continue to evolve and advance (I could argue the opposite there some days....) over time, our capability allow the mind to wander even further. Take something as simple as burial traditions. These seems to change cyclically over the years, and while past efforts have typically been rooted in tradition, more recent developments seems to be rooted in technological capability.


Back in the 60's, the most common burial method in the US was the traditional burial. Into a coffin, and into a plot in the ground.....6 feet under so to speak. Cremation was far less common. Today, the figures have changed and cremation outweighs traditional burial in the US now according to a recent survey found in the attached article here. (credit to Anthony Martin; final insurance expense expert)


Maybe burial rituals were more elaborate back in ancient times, but the future is catching up quickly. Here are some winners (IMO) on the creativity front:

  1. ashes blasted into space
  2. ashes mixed into a tattoo
  3. cryogenically frozen
  4. Plastination
  5. Viking Burial -- my choice (launched out to sea in a boat and set ablaze) -- Bon Jovi playing in the background anyone??!

These costs will set you back so start planning now. If you want your last cheque to bounce, you can always opt for the free "donate your body to science" option.