Big Numbers. Bigger Perpsective

Dec 05, 2019 | Jeremy Goldfarb


Everyone loves it when you start a sentence with "did you know" right? Well, did you know.....

a 2014 study by Havens and Schervish showed that approximately USD 58 Trillion would change hands by the year 2061

The number in Canada is estimated to be approximately $1,000,000,000,000 (that's Trillion BTW) by the year 2029. An enormous number to be certain, and one of the biggest reasons I spend so much time focusing on Financial Literacy for the younger generation. We can argue all day long about the level of concentration of that wealth, but I'll let the columnists and talking heads take that one on (I am not going to get drawn into that argument). For now though, let's assume that all younger folks can benefit from enhanced Financial Education.


My team and I run several seminars a year focused on educating our adult clients and being thought leaders in key areas (wait til you see what we have coming in 2020!!), but between those sessions are perhaps more important and smaller sessions with our clients' children. We educate on key areas such as savings, budgeting, investing, and even personal employment management because we believe that these are key areas of future success.


January sessions will be listed publicly, shortly and I would urge you to sign your children up to them.