Now I've see it all???

Oct 10, 2019 | Jeremy Goldfarb


Business owners and hiring managers beware......


I've stopped thinking I've seen it all. Permanently. More often than not these days, I am surprised (floored even) by some of the things I read about. Now....there are credible sources, and some less so, but this latest one is a huge warning sign for any business owner or hiring manager out there.


The article from the Financial Post can be found by clicking here. The short and paraphrased version though is as follows.


Person applies for job with Imperial Oil. Goes through interview process with hiring manager and is subsequently offered a job. During the interview process, the applicant was asked whether they were legally allowed to work in Canada. The applicant answered decidedly YES. The applicant in question was subsequently awarded with a job offer following deliberations over candidates, and at that time was asked to produce valid confirmation that they were able to work in Canada. As it turns out, they were not legally allowed to work in Canada, and had lied during the interview process. Said applicant was not a Canadian Citizen, nor was he a permanent resident, and thus not qualified to work in Canada. He could have been eventually....but at the time of the interview....he was here's what happened.


The offer to work was rescinded by the company, so the applicant filed a complaint with the human rights tribunal....AND WAS SUCCESSFULLY AWARDED $120,000 IN REPARATIONS!!!


While the applicant did lie on the application, his complaint was that he was discriminated ( heard me) against by Imperial Oil on the basis that he was not allowed to work in Canada. Imperial Oil argued that the job offer was rescinded because he had falsified (lied) information during the application process.


I've officially seen it all.......


until tomorrow someone else lacking common sense proves me wrong.