4 second.....Understanding the Boeing story

Aug 16, 2019 | Jeremy Goldfarb


I was in a conversation yesterday with 3 other folks, and the subject of the troubles at Boeing came up. I was fascinated at the difference of opinion within the group, and the variation of stories that were being told in terms of what went wrong, what the issues were/are, and what it might mean for the company and the industry in the long term.


By some ridiculous coincidence, a story appeared in the journal (at least one that I ran across) that spoke about this very issue. Click here for the story.


It is such a widespread discussion, why not inform yourself as much as possible. The previous day, I was in discussion with a friend that travels about 140 days a year for work, and he was wondering how many times he was on this "plane" before it was grounded.


Good thoughts for a Friday.