After 27 years, reconnected

June 20, 2019 | Jeremy Goldfarb


Social media gets a bit of a bad rap, but not undeservedly so. With the cloak of anonymity creating unfettered bravery around the world, platforms such as FB, IG, Snap, and Twitter can be tough places to hang out......especially for today's youth.


With that said, I have a great story to tell. After spending a few days on conference earlier this week, I had an amazing day yesterday. After 27 years of not seeing one another, I reconnected with a friend from my early school days. Cliff and I went to school together from nursery to grade 6, spent some time at summer camp together. I remember us racing in the schoolyard to see who was the fastest kid in our grade (if you're scoring at home, he was the reigning champ).


Yesterday Cliff and I played golf together at the Scarboro Golf and Country Club. We spent 5 or 6 hours (lunch after, take it easy pace of play commandos) together reminiscing, catching up, and sharing stories. We plan to do it again soon. All this happened through the power of Social media. See, Cliff moved away when he was 13, and the only way we reconnected was through mutual friend networks.


I am sure you have stories like this, and I want to hear them......




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