The Terraton Initiative: How farmers can combat climate change

June 13, 2019 | Jeremy Goldfarb


Did you know that Agricultural farming contributes up to 35% of global CO2? I didn't until recently.


As you may have noticed, I have recently taken quite an interest in environmental management. While my focus is primarily on our world's oceans, I was surprised enough about the statistic mentioned above to write about it.


David Perry, Indigo’s CEO. “The technology and know-how for regenerative farming already exists, so we can begin to make a difference right now.”


So why aren't we? Well, the answer is usually "it's expensive", and this case is no different. But that's not really an excuse is it....I mean, it could be, but it's not much to lean on. If innovators paid too much attention to expensive, then we wouldn't have developed much of the world's technologies. Seed starts on anything expensive, but we need to ask ourselves the following:


What will be the cost if we don't?


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