Deep Impact 2029

May 02, 2019 | Jeremy Goldfarb


Hollywood has had its fair share of disaster movies, from the widely watched (Armageddon) to the lesser know (Tommy Lee Jones in `Volcano` anyone).


Well, a real life close encounter will happen in the not too distant future when the Apophis Asteroid will come within galactic spitting distance of our humble planet. The massive rock, approximately the size of a cruise ship will pass within 31,000kms of Earth, on Friday April 13th 2029 (yes, that is Friday the 13th....I did not make that up).


For relative reference, the moon is over 400,000kms away from Earth, so that is pretty damn close. Secondly, most sattelites orbit within 31,000km of Earth so this may not be altogether uneventful after all.


Someone call Bruce Willis or Morgan Freeman........


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