International Women's day: Inspiring stories for younger generation

Mar 07, 2019 | Jeremy Goldfarb


So, one of my daughters asked me this morning (I have two beautiful twin 9 year old girls) "why isn't there an international kids day?". I told them that this was basically everyday of the year and scrunched up faces ensued (my son joined in on this as well).


We did talk about tomorrow, Friday March 8, International Women's day. I shared some publications with them including the one linked here.


As I look at them  (one is sitting across from me right now) I can't help but think of some of the challenges they will face as they grow up. Major benefits of a smaller world due to social media and online presence, however also enormous hurdles that I will never be able to relate to. I can only hope that by sharing stories and experiences of others, they can learn from these while they develop through experiences of their own. There will be barriers, and there will be enormous challenges, and all I can do as a father is equip them with as much knowledge as possible to navigate the world ahead of them.