No. It's not that busy really

Feb 27, 2019 | Jeremy Goldfarb


RRSP season. Such a funny thing to say really. There's Summer/Winter/Spring/Fall....even hockey and baseball season if you will. But RRSP season? C'mon. Some financial marketing "expert" dreamed that baby up years ago as a means to drum up fervor to pile money into investment accounts. Now, at it's core, the idea is pure. Remind the clients that you look after to make sure they are fully contributed for the current taxation year makes all the sense in the world, and as a financial professional, you should make sure you are doing that..........but let's drop the whole RRSP season thing.


Fact of the matter is (and this is personal opinion as are most of these blog publications), the best way to make RRSP contributions is through a monthly scheduled withdrawal throughout the year. Disciplined forced savings, dollar cost averaging, and learning to pay yourself first are all things that can be accomplished through this method.


So, if RRSPs are right for you (and they may not always be!) then I would recommend getting on a regular contribution schedule. You can then sit there in February and just look forward to summer.....the best season.