Taxes: How much would YOU pay?

Jan 18, 2019 | Jeremy Goldfarb


How much harder would you work? How much more effort would you put in over and above your current rate if you knew that you would only see a small portion of it. How much earlier would you get up in the morning to be the first one on site? How much later would you stay so you could meet the deadline on that big RFP? How many more hours would you bill for the partnership?


This is an amazing question, and one that is addressed in a comment piece from the FP this morning.


When I read it, I find myself asking whether an investor appreciates their advisor taking an enormous profit on an excellent investment, OR finding a unique tax strategy to defer or reduce taxable income or gains........what would you remember? Where do you want the energy and brainpower being spent?


Think about it. It's not called the 1% for nothing......there are more people in the 99%, and what do you suppose is the thought process for the 99%?


Click here to read the article, and then respond on the poll......I am curious.