Special interest -- Buyer Beware: Jetsmarter

Jan 11, 2019 | Jeremy Goldfarb


Friday morning, I read a really interesting story (courtesy of CNBC) about "The UBER of Executive Jet Travel". I get pulled in by some of these stories because I find them fascinating examples of human behavior. I'd love to reserve comment on this, but I can't......it's just too good.


Now, the story has yet to be written here, but let's have a little bit of fun and assume the worst.


Click here, and then read on below......


Really. If the numbers don't work on your calculator, then why would they work on anyone else's. You have a number of providers out there that have been around for a very long time (Flexjet is one of them), and as anyone with aviation experience knows........planes are expensive. Jets are really expensive! If you want to travel outside the huddled masses, then you best be ready to pay up. It's a luxury at the top end, and demands top end luxury pricing. I giggle to the point of pain at the fellow who took out a loan to get this service and is "still paying it back". Poor guy....I cry for him.