Did "Skynet" just become self aware?

Nov 09, 2018 | Jeremy Goldfarb


Okay....if you've never seen the Terminator movies you'll have no idea what the title of this blog means. Google the phrase or binge watch the movies (I'd leave the last installment out--recommendation) this weekend. In Terminator 2: Judgement day, Skynet (the system that took over) went on line on August 4th 1997. The rest you'll have to watch.


At any rate, AI (Artificial Intelligence) already recommends choices for us on Netflix. You're smart phone is getting smarter, and you're web browsers/social media feeds are paying close attention to what you are looking at so marketers can more effectively target things you like and don't like. I even catch my iphone making suggestions on items I have been talking about that day.....someone's listening.


But the news??


In this link (click here) you can read about and see the world's first Artificial Intelligence news anchor. The release was in China and it is certainly a headline grabber. I am left wondering about the underlying social issues related to this type of technology. Social media companies face huge challenges controlling real and fictitious content ( insert fake news giggles here) so what about this? Does an AI anchor mean no bias? Is it just the facts?


I'm not implying that this is earth shattering, but if you backed up not 3 years ago, this would have seemed unreal. Unless we were watching the latest Will Smith movie.......


Maybe Anderson Cooper should be worried. Are you?