Real estate for everyone: you should read this

Oct 19, 2018 | Jeremy Goldfarb


Back on October 4th, Veritas Investment research (one of our analyst providers) held their 7th Annual Great Canadian Real Estate Conference at the Albany Club in Toronto. People keep referring to a plunging R/E market (see my post from earlier this week and Vancouver's lagging sales), but maybe it's too early to start writing eulogies.


It seems that we often rush to make bold statements when a market changes direction, and maybe that will be true, however with the slow and gradual adjustment that has taken place with rates, and borrowing policies, maybe the bite will be more of a nibble. Fortunately, we are not saddled with high rates, and the economic environment (although my opinion as to the "robust nature" of the Canadian Economy differs from that of the Bank of Canada) is still quite healthy.


Follow this link for a short report. There is some excellent data in here for any and all investors.




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