Maybe it`s best to keep this one from the kids.

Jun 21, 2018 | Jeremy Goldfarb


I find it interesting that politics seems to be so incredibly divisive right now. I don`t know if it`s just because I am older, paying more it the advancements in social media, or perhaps that the leader of the free world creates policy out of thin air on Twitter. Personal feelings aside, it is very difficult to deny that there is a substantial divide out there. I wasn`t around for East/West Germany, and Soviet Russia is hazy to me, but was the climate really this divisive back then?


The answer may be found in opinion pieces similar to the one I have posted here. An interesting perspective from Ben Steverman in the FP. I`m not for a minute insisting that we have bigger problems today than we did yesterday, but it is tough to deny the numbers. 


So what do I take away from this? A few things to get our kids ahead of the pack.....

1- teach your kids or grandkids about saving. Teach them now and keep that message front of mind

2- budgeting and good consumption habits can be just as powerful as savings discipline. With the right here right now mentality of social media and online access, I think this message is very important

3- know your politics, know the facts, and exercise your right to vote when you have a chance. Take it one step further if you want and work to be a leader of tomorrow. If you don`t like what is going on, you have every right to take steps to change it. 


Give the kids a fighting chance.......maybe just don`t show them the article I`ve included here or they may throw their smartphone at you.