You should read these.

May 15, 2018 | Jeremy Goldfarb


Perspective. That is what these two takes below gave me. I field quite a few phone calls from folks who have questions about stocks, or trades they were told about. Some are good. Most are not. Some are downright frightening. When I read articles like these, I can't help wondering how many individual self directed investors out there are sucked into bad trades for one reason or another only to be left holding the bag (the bag has no money left in it by the way).


At the other end of the trade, there are those misses. The excellent investments that we found just a little bit too late, or not at all. Take 2008 for example. So many folks were burned by risk assets, in some cases they had no business being in. The spook left them paralyzed with fear regarding market re-entry. The fear settled just in time to get in in 2011.....just in time for another dip and more fear. Had you hung around past those bumps and stuck true to your discipline, things would have turned out pretty well for you. It will happen again.


That's why you should read these.


The stupidity and greed of the market herd will hopefully keep me in business for the next thirty years


They couldn’t have known