Don't race to buy that Tesla just yet

Mar 23, 2018 | Jeremy Goldfarb


Are we talking about the stock, or the car? Innovators like Elon Musk are full of great ideas and we should encourage continued advancement and creativity. Sometimes however, innovators can ignore the lessons learned in the past, and ignore those lessons at their peril. 

Today's creative entrepreneurs can rarely afford to resist the desire to reinvent the wheel if parts of the wheel don't need to be reinvented. In the case of Tesla, I think that a solid dose of reflection would be beneficial. The problems highlighted in this article (click here) don't bode well for the immediate future of the company, and those that plan to, or are already consumers of its products. 


So don't race out quite yet to buy that Tesla.......or perhaps the stock for that matter. Elon may have to renegotiate that big remuneration contract that he just signed. 




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