The 5th season...maybe 6?

Feb 26, 2018 | Jeremy Goldfarb


In our climate, a season is usually defined by a change in weather, either for better or worse, depending on how you like to spend your outdoor time. Accountants will talk about tax season which falls somewhere between Jan 1 and April 30 for most folks.


In the investment industry, it is common that I will hear partners saying they are so busy during RRSP season which falls predominantly during the month of February, mostly in the back half. People scramble to make last minute contributions to RRSP accounts so they can get deduction against income for the previous tax year. This is not typically a very busy time for save and except for a small few as I try to stress that clients have ongoing and regular monthly contributions to their RRSP. This piece of good planning does 2 things primarily: 

1- avoid any last minute scramble for cash to contribute

2- invest earlier and regularly. (power of compounding and dollar cost averaging)


If you are among those still waiting to contribute, the deadline is the end of this month. And it's not a we are back down to 4 again. Sorry accountants, you don't get your special season either.