A bit of a buffet

Feb 02, 2018 | Jeremy Goldfarb


6 more weeks of winter....he's probably still seeing his stupid shadow from last year.


From thoughts about your will, to Pirates of the Caribbean there is something for everybody in this weekend's edition. It's a jam packed buffet of some great stories and advice from the week that was. I'll start with a reminder from your friendly neighborhood investment advisor.....


Sales are a good thing.....markets took on a corrective tone this week with most majors having their worst week in almost 2 years. Let's not forget however, that at the beginning of November the Dow was trading at approx 23,400 which is a remarkable 2400 points south of where we stand today. If you are scoring at home, that's a whopping 10% (oops....correction territory). Not a bad time to consider that store of cash and money market we have been holding......


Pirate of the Caribbean .... in real life.

I am sure we have all seen the movies, but this next story offers a glimpse into a real life struggle and some of the dangers facing our South American neighbors. Click here for the full story.


Where there's a will....

....there's a way? No....there's peace of mind and a plan. Some staggering stats in this article. Remember that consulting my team and I offer estate consultations as part of our service to you. Chances are, you have heard me ask you about it, so let's take advantage of it together.


Prescribed rate loans and income splitting (PRL)

PRL loan rates are going up and this article highlights that very fact. They have been low for years. If you don't have one set up yet, and you think you could benefit from such an arrangement, then let's talk. If you do then keep in mind that the rate holds for the life of the loan......provided you don't wind it up.


Global insight monthly (mobile friendly)

Enjoy the latest publication from my partners at RBC Wealth Management. Some special highlights as well.

  1. Global insight monthly
  2. Europe
  3. Getting past our Biases


Have a great weekend!!