Financial planning to Investment planning

Jan 12, 2018 | Jeremy Goldfarb


How many times have you tried to assemble a Barbecue, piece of Ikea furniture, or a Lego set with your children without the use of instructions???


Your personal financial plan is your Benchmark


Several time a year, we are presented with the opportunity to reflect on past events and plan for the future.


Perhaps we are gut-level programmed, and feel compelled to do so just after labour day, when at one point in our lives, we were headed back to school. Other times may coincide with religious holidays or festivals, or perhaps a fiscal new year for your business.


The calendar new year in New is another one of those examples where we traditionally reflect and plan.


My years in wealth management have taught me that trying to assemble an investment strategy, without a concrete financial plan in place can be perilous. Your financial plan is a blueprint, and a constant barometer on investment decisions and results. The financial markets sway us, cloud our thoughts, and make us question our judgment. Without a complete financial plan on hand to benchmark where you stand, you could be taking on too much risk......or maybe not enough.


All of my clients are urged to complete a plan with me. If you have not yet done so to date, let's get one done. If your current advisor has not offered this to you, ask her or him for one, and review it on a regular basis. It's not a one and done exercise.


From Roberta, I and the team....we wish you an excellent start to 2018!