Our impeccable reputation is based on comprehensive investment counsel, unparalleled personalized service, and an excellent record of delivering results.

Who we work with:

Affluent entrepreneurs, individuals and their families

Many of our clients are successful entrepreneurs who have built up significant financial assets outside of their operating companies or who have assets from the sale of their businesses. A great number of our clients are individuals and families who have inherited considerable wealth.

Our clients are loyal and discerning. They value a reliable, long-term business relationship for their family.

What we do:

Bringing it all together

We are leaders in investment management and offer you a full range of services and solutions, guided by sound business judgment and many years of experience.

While investment management is the core of wealth management, we believe income planning, tax savings strategies and efficient estate transitions are also essential to successfully achieving your goals. With this in mind, we offer unparalleled comprehensive wealth management services to help you achieve financial success.

How we help you achieve financial success:

A distinctly personal investment approach

We pay close attention and provide personal care to each and every detail of your wealth plan. First and foremost, we will take the time to truly understand and clarify your needs, wants and investment preferences. Once we have this understanding, we will design your personalized wealth plan and investment strategy.

A clearly defined and proven investment strategy

Your investment strategy will be clearly defined and based on proven principles. We will focus on wealth preservation and capital appreciation through a customized balance of income, growth and value-oriented securities. We do not take risks chasing momentum or following the latest trends. Simply put, we do not indulge in speculation in search of outsized returns. Our excellent performance record shows wealth preservation and capital appreciation are achievable with rational and disciplined long-term thinking about investments.

You and your family have worked hard to earn the money entrusted to us. We are dedicated to both earning a solid return and protecting the fruits of your labour.

A proactively monitored wealth plan

We will proactively and consistently arrange meetings with you to inform you of your progress, and to ensure that your wealth plan and investment strategy are aligned throughout every transition of your life.

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