Many of the clients we work with have already accumulated assets and are now building an investment portfolio.  They need to deal with all the complexity of wealth, from retirement income planning to tax and estate planning. Their main concern is to make sure they will be financially secure for the rest of their lives and that they never become a financial burden on the people they love.

As you approach retirement, there are many plans and decisions to be made to get your financial house in order.  Our goal is to help you build an income stream that achieves your goals.  Individuals getting close to retiring are looking for expert advice that address the following concerns:

  • Will I have enough to invest to provide a sustainable income?
  • Which pension plan should I choose from my current employer?
  • How much risk do I need to take for my portfolio to keep up with inflation?
  • Do I have an estate plan in place that addresses all of my concerns?
  • Does my financial plan address all tax issues?

Financial Planning for Retirees

The saving and investing patterns that have led you to retirement are very different from the patterns that will guide you through it.  Whether you are partially or fully retired, you need a written financial plan that encompasses all of the factors that can affect your future. Marsh Wealth Management Group commits to working with your professional team to provide you a full wealth plan within 2 years.

We have specialized expertise that combines tax and estate planning to help you use your assets as efficiently as possible in retirement. 

  • We simplify the details, and deliver exceptional service
  • We commit to the highest level of client confidentiality.  All details of your personal and portfolio information are strictly held confidential. 
  • We include a service commitment -this will allow us to review any personal changes that may arise, such as risk tolerance or personal circumstances
  • Exclusivity. We limit our client list to a select group of individuals and families who will benefit from our high-net-worth wealth management strategies


"Since 2004 Jenn Marsh has been looking after our investment portfolios. Letting someone handle your investments is a "huge step of trust" and Jenn has more than done that!  Jenn has given us the confidence that she is always looking after "our" best interests and is constantly keeping us updated and informed!  We feel very fortunate that we have Jenn on "our team"!!!

Brenda and Stuart Derochie, Retired Business Owners - Claresholm, Alberta


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