Planning for your Business - Grow? Sell? Incorporate? 

Your business is a focal point in most of your financial and personal circumstances, so selecting the right business structure affects more than just your taxes. Even if you don't have much spare time to spend on your finances, a well-structured business can keep the foundation of your wealth on track for years to come. We'll help you find and implement those structures, and align them with your plans for retirement and other goals.

Our services include:

  • Evaluating structural options and opportunities to grow your wealth more efficiently
  • Incorporating your business and arranging holding companies
  • Partnership insurance
  • Investing within your business
  • Managing multiple account types and income streams
  • Structures that support future goals such as succession or retirement
  • Partnering with your accountants, lawyers and other professionals to make sure everyone is on board with your plan

Jenn’s team can offer you peace of mind that your financial affairs are in the hands of qualified professionals working in your best interests. Marsh Wealth Management Group limits their client list to a select group of individuals and families, which enables them to deliver unmatched personal attention to each relationship. Please contact our office at (403) 382-3820 or by email


“Jenn’s knowledge of our family and her ability to focus on our priorities has resulted in many discussions regarding Estate Planning, Tax Strategies and options designed to grow and protect my investments. Jenn interacts with my personal tax and estate advisors to ensure all aspects of my plan are coordinated. Finding an individual you know and trust and who can work with you over your lifetime is wonderful”

Marvin Galts, Owner Galko Homes – Lethbridge, Alberta