Gain Confidence in Your Family's Financial Future

You might have very specific concerns to address – such as how to invest your wealth, minimize taxes, plan for retirement and protect the value of your estate. But you might have more questions than you can answer, and precious little time to work on a long-term plan for your family’s wealth.

When you’re busy managing the rest of your life, we’re here to help you build a personalized plan to make it easier for you to manage your wealth.

Your financial plan will help every financial decision that impacts your life to help determine if you’re on track to meet your financial goals. With your comprehensive strategy, you’ll determine your timeline for retirement, which may help protect your family from life’s unforeseen events and help to maximize your income in a tax-efficient manner while still living the lifestyle you want.

Who We Help

Families and individuals who think about their wealth in multi-generational terms, who seek guidance in one or more of these items:

  • Accumulating wealth and growing your assets
  • Protecting your wealth by managing risk
  • Managing the affairs of a loved one
  • Converting your wealth to an income stream
  • Transferring wealth to your heirs
  • Creating an enduring legacy

Our Team

The Team, spearheaded by Jeff Rock and his financial and investment planning expertise, will support you with expertise in:

  • Financial education for children: Setting the next generation on a path to financial wellness
  • Risk management: Addressing the unexpected before it happens
  • Taxation: Implementing strategies to help reduce your family’s tax burden
  • Business ownership planning: Helping you effectively transition from your business while reducing taxes and maximizing retirement assets
  • Estate and trusts: Efficiently transferring your wealth to the next generation
  • Charitable giving: Helping you maximize your charitable legacy

See our team member bios here for additional information.

Your Team

The advisory team you employ to help build and protect your family's wealth extends to professionals beyond RBC. We work with your accountant, lawyer, and other family advisors to ensure you get the most out of your comprehensive plans.

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