Your Investment Discipline

To construct and manage your portfolio we use a well-defined process that marries top-down strategy with bottom-up stock selection. Top-down analysis is used to determine the number of companies to be included in the portfolio from each sector of the market, while bottom-up analysis is used to select which companies will be held in each sector of the market.

Your companies are reviewed on a daily basis with major a re-evaluation taking place at the end of each quarter.

The benefits for you of applying our discipline:

  • Brings a business-like approach to a task that is too often emotionally driven.

  • Advises you in advance what action to take if things unfold in an unexpected way.

  • Adapts your portfolio to a changing environment.

  • Ensures your portfolio always owns companies that meet high standards.

  • Ensures your portfolio is structured to reflect which market sectors offer attractive potential.