Webinar: Money, Stress & Financial Wellness | Wednesday, June 9 at 7 pm

What's your relationship with money?

Prestige, Envy, Security, Greed, Fear, Power, Guilt, Conflicts

Despite earning a good living, many people worry about money. Money touches everything we do and is the leading cause of stress for most people. Financial stress leads to all sorts of health and relationship issues.

This webinar is for people who are serious about owning up to their financial concerns and securing their financial freedom.

It's normal to feel stressed about money when:

  • You feel like you haven’t saved enough to maintain your lifestyle during retirement

  • You feel like your debt level is a burden and your rising cost of living is putting even more pressure on your finances

  • You worry about unforeseen events that would impact financial stability

  • You feel like you are paying too much in taxes and missing out on opportunities to make more money

  • You and your partner have different ideas about saving, spending and retirement, and it's creating a burden on your relationship

  • You are going through a life event an you feel overwhelmed by the financial decisions you have to make

Your reasons for feeling stressed about money may be different, but if you have similar nagging feelings like these, you will find this webinar valuable.

This webinar exposes the risks, biases and mistakes that can derail your ability to achieve your financial freedom.

Join me on Wednesday, June 9 at 7 pm for a "financial health check" webinar and learn:

  1. What's unique about our times and common causes of financial stress and frustration

  2. How to gauge and improve your financial health

  3. Effective strategies to help you chart a path to a stress-free financial future

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“As a seasoned wealth coach and portfolio manager, I have a passion for helping professionals implement a plan to prevent that “falling behind" feeling and improve their financial health. Whether it’s reducing their frustration and financial stress, or tactics to achieve their long-term goals, I get people on a path to better financial well-being.

I do this by helping investors understand their relationship with money, and current and future financial picture. Through personalized goals, education, planning, investing, and ongoing support, I help them focus on what is important to them, increase confidence and feel financially secure now and in the future.”
- JF

Contact me at jean-francois.droz@rbc or 416-699-4550 if you'd like to talk.