Navigating through different priorities and visions for the future

Jun 21, 2021 |Jean-François (JF) Droz
When couples start working on their financial plan they are often surprised how far apart they are in setting financial priorities and a vision for their future. A disconnect in life goals and priorities is one of the many money concerns couples have...
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Good financial Habits – the odds are stacked against us, but here are tips to overcome them.

Jul 28, 2020 |Jean-François (JF) Droz
4 realities that get in the way of good financial habits and tips to overcome them In a recent post, 3 habits to help you improve your financial health, I introduced the idea that financial well-being is made up of two parts: financial wealth and financial...
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3 habits to help you improve your financial health

Jun 18, 2020 |Jean-François (JF) Droz
A few weeks ago, I posted an article titled Recessions are inevitable. Take care of your financial health and well-being, which looks at four essential tips to help Canadians weather tough economic times and sparked a conversation around what is financial...
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