Jason Greenlees

Vice-President & Portfolio Manager


Iron-clad discipline

Jason Greenlees is unstoppable in his quest to set and reach your goals. It’s a level of intensity that can take some people by surprise – until they learn that Jason has completed the gruelling Ironman competition not once, but six times.

A four-kilometre swim. A 180-kilometre bicycle ride. A marathon. That’s one Ironman. Do it six times, and you have a level of discipline that stays with you for life.

But this intensity comes with a soft side, including a reputation as someone who listens to clients – no surprise – very intensely. Only in this way can Jason deliver on his core purpose: to make your money work as hard for you as you did for it.

“Financial security provides so much comfort – emotional and otherwise – for my clients. People work so hard for their money. It’s a shame if it isn’t serving them properly in return.”

Jason has been delivering this comfort as a portfolio manager for more than 25 years. He safely guided his clients through the very difficult markets of 2001 and 2008 and now stewards $350-million of their money. He knows he can’t control the market – so his mission is to control everything else.

It starts with him, Saul and Peter being caring, responsive, impeccable and efficient in everything they do. With delivering quality of the highest order. And with – as anyone who knows Jason knows – no BS.

It’s not about picking stocks. As Jason says, “History clearly shows that the primary cause of failure isn’t picking stocks per se, but buying and selling them at the wrong time.”

So Jason focuses on keeping you committed to the most disciplined investment strategy in the industry. On helping you manage your emotions when they tell you to deviate from the plan.

On sharing with you a discipline that’s nothing less than iron-clad.

Jason Greenlees is married with two young sons. A member of Lambton Golf and Country Club, he loves to grow every day as a husband, father, advisor and golfer.

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