HealthTech: How technology can help fix health care

Jun 02, 2021 |Frédérique Carrier

Health care is plagued by the chronic conditions of bloated costs and gaps in access. But the intersection of health care and tech can offer a remedy.

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Digging out of a deep hole

Aug 19, 2020 |Jay Zhang

Cornerstones of the U.S. stock market are moving in the right direction. With corporate earnings in Q2 better than feared, what does this mean for the 2020–21 earnings outlook?

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Investor trends: Is telemedicine the way of the future?

Jul 29, 2020 |Gopa Nair, CFA

As more people access virtual health care while working from home, telehealth providers are a growing part of the health care sector.

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Change in the air

Jun 30, 2020 |Jay Zhang

The past several years had seen the grand European experiment put to the test. And then when COVID-19 swept in, it faced a fresh threat.

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U.S. equities: Is the glass half full?

Jun 23, 2020 |Jay Zhang

The U.S. equity market’s mood has swung between enthusiasm and caution over the past month. Though central banks’ intervention has been remarkably impactful, the shape of an economic recovery from COVID-19 is uncertain.

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When Wall Street bypasses Main Street

Jun 08, 2020 |Jay Zhang

The U.S. equity market continues to race ahead, even as businesses struggle with the economic gridlock created by COVID-19 shutdowns and society grapples with the effects of racial injustice.

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Style guide

May 25, 2020 |Jay Zhang

Growth vs. value, it’s an age-old debate. Given the COVID-19 dynamics of today’s equity market, which style is more apropos?

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Lopsided leadership

May 22, 2020 |Jay Zhang

It’s been a heady run for U.S. stocks off the bottom, yet at the same time the rally has had a distinct lack of diversity.

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Trade tantrum?

May 15, 2020 |Jay Zhang

As if economies and markets didn’t already have their hands full, U.S.-China trade tensions have been rekindled. While it’s unlikely a new, full-blown trade war will be unleashed, the two rivals are likely to lock horns over the next few months. This

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Speak loudly and carry a big stick

May 05, 2020 |Jay Zhang

The Fed has fashioned its monetary policy response to the COVID-19 pandemic after foreign policy of old, with massive pledges of quantitative easing and liquidity facilities.

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